Our warranty provider is Car Care Plan who offer a range of options. The majority of our cars come with a 3 month warranty provided as part of the price of your car (please see individual adverts for detail).

You often hear people say warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on. In some cases we would agree. If you were to "Google" any of the major warranty companies you will find a raft of forum complaints with what appear to be unsatisfactory resolutions.

The problem with this is that there are very few people who would go to the trouble of posting a positive forum comment about their warranty provider for having replaced a part with no hassle at all.





Hawkstone Cars strives to supply you with warranties that are fair, clear and robust. We do not hard sell warranty products and do not see them as a way of sidestepping your consumer rights. We take feedback about the warranties we offer our customers very seriously, and continuously review our providers based on this information.

Ultimately, if you would like to explore options – we can offer competitive prices. If you choose not to bother, we won’t be offended!